PGCE the beginnings

As someone who’s been meaning to write a blog for a while, the actual content to create an informative and entertaining online journal has sadly eluded me. Not wanting to create a hum-drum blog, where much like a number of Twitter users the main discussion points is what type of coffee has been drunk that morning. Now that the normality of a crazy 9-5 life has been reversed slightly. The full time semi-decent paid job with no job satisfaction has been cast to one side, morning rush hours to various parts of the country replaced by the school run. The past has now gone, and the dawn of a new era begun.


It’s a decision which actually hasn’t been too difficult to make, it’s more the actual process to make it happen and come true. Student finance, moving money around, ditching those not required, asking favours and bending ears. It’s a cultivation of 6 months planning, but a lifetime of suppressed thoughts. For too long it’s been on the back burner whilst other non important low paid over worked jobs have taken precedence. It’s taken to long. Too long. So now the journey begins, life changes. Now the journey begins


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