Uni started….on the way

It’s been an interesting week to reflect on. Firstly it’s Thursday, not Friday, so I’m jumping a day ahead. Maybe that isn’t as interesting as it could have been. But the rest of the week has been.

A mixture of college and uni this week. Tuesday was induction, which I’d forgotten how such a tedious time this can be. Teaching techniques were on view. The first being the way in which it was panned out to fill ten or fifteen minute here or there. Seen forehand myself.  Second was the way in which even though it was a HE course -the teaching methods of lecturers were clearly from a younger age group, noted with the way in which the more animated members of the group were shot down, or given the death stare. I guess no matter how old you are, no one wants a death stare or the classic “have you got something to share with the group”. Quite honestly if you’re 19+ and can’t even sit quietly and still for more than three seconds in a lecture room, maybe you have some personal issues you need to address. The room was also filled with a broad variety of people. Interesting to see so many wanting to join in the teaching profession. Hopefully in 9 months we’ll all graduate with 1st’s.

The teaching week in itself was rewarding and highlighting. Today, working with several 16 year old’s out of the secondary academic system  I find myself wanting more to be involved with the development of those who really struggle – and give energy and a chance to those who need it. The politics is also becoming apparent now with meeting and personality clashes everyone in sight. It’ll be interesting to track it all over the next nine months.


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