Micro teach – macro prep

The micro teach from my own perception went well, if a little rushed. Prep time on the day was okay, but as rushing around I forgot the name cards ! Although not required it was in the lesson plan – so this is something I need to ensure I work on. I also failed on my own part to print a copy of the lesson plan off, which should have been done to aid my delivery of the actual micro-teach.

The reflections I placed on peers was firm, but ultimately fair. I fear that my reflections were not critical enough. As a training exercise, for want of a better term, I ultimately feel that this was ground where I could practice such critical reflection. The other issue I place upon myself is that I always critique myself more than anyone else, leading me to sometimes not being critical enough.  As a learner you want to be consistent, you want to be good, you want praise and acceptance from peers. But ultimately the failure is this – it will not always happen this way. Acceptance of constructive criticism is harder to take then it is to give.

I think this shows on the peer feedback. I wonder if the micro teach should be conducted more often, to build up critical reflection techniques on others, not ourselves. Maybe another one to add to the block study week ?

I’ll review more critically in the next entry….


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