Critical reflection – block study week September 2014. Data Protection Act training

Kolbs experiental learning cycle
Reviewing the Data Protection Act training

  • Concrete Experience

The experience was the training session of the Data Protection Act and the impacts upon staff and studensts within the Doncaster College learning environment. Having studies the DPA several years ago, going into the session I did have an overview of the subject matter.

Objectives for the session were set out at the beginning and a general audience knowledge level was completed by a raise of hands to  conduct an initial assessment. Leaners were asked to reflect this and update their knowledge base accordingly at the end of the session.

The session teacher used a variety of presentation methods such as videos, interactive quizzess and discussion points for learners to develop their skills.  The resources used were of good quality and all worked as they should have.

The group audience viewed the presentation through a large screen projector using Power Point – with the text clear and concise. The wording being kept simple was affective to the audience who may have had little or no knowledge before hand.

The session was clearly stated, although the presenter seemed hesitant and a little nervous to be talking to a large number of people.  Running time was also performed accordingly and the audience were not left boted with the content – as tasks did not run for long periods of time.

  • Reflective observation

The training highlighted key areas of the DPA and how it is applicable within a modern further education learning environment, particurlay where there is a mixture of staff and students. With the initial personal assessment conducted, as with the rest of the group, I felt that out of five I rated myself as 3 for knowledge of the subject. The overall

Learners were kept engaged throughout the session, although with the subject matter some sections were dry and quite uninspiring. Again with the content this was part of the process. Resources used to conduct the session worked properly and the presenter was suitbale prepared for the session with hand outs, prompt sheets and information hand.

I would have preffered a different room to be used, as the lecture theatre is not quite approopriate due to its layout to suit groupwork activies. A room with tables would have been more appropriate – although the room did not affect the overall delivery of the content or learning environment.

The use of body language was also appraent during the presentation. The lecturer seemed quite safe to stay  in one location and not move regularly – as if he was within a safe haven. There was little individual interaction also during the lecture which was provided.

  • Abstract conceptulisation

The session has provided new ideas for lessons for learners. I’ve deicded to take on board the video which showed the scenarios for how data can easily be shared and not protected accordingly. This allows for business studies students to see how the protection of data is important and how easily it can be provided to others. From an employability point of view it will provide basic foundations for knowledge – and provide information suitable for interviews and discussion points with potential employers.

I’ve taken on board the preperation of the tutor, something I must ensure I continue to increase my own personal abilty in whilst in the classroom.  I’ve learnt to plan rooms accordingly and where possible assess the venue first to ensure it is fit for purpose.  I think I’ll also ensure I have a wireless mouse if I am within the lecture theatre  – as its apparent that the board is not interactive, and the requirement to walk back over to the computer to move on slides can often break the presentation flow.

  • Active experimentation

The session opens new paths and options for teaching DPA and general computer based safety to learners.  I’ll be keen to see how level 1, 2 and 3 students take to this, and with critical reflection seek to assess how to implement effectilvey with these groups. I’ll also use the information learnt to assess my personal best practice methods in dealing with technology, in particular with storage on flash drives and the use of passwords.

I’ll be sharing good practice and adopting the videos used within the training within additional lectures I conduct, and when thinking of specific learning outcomes which need to be met within modules relating to DPA or security of information.


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