ILP – November 2014 update

It would appear that I need to add to my ILP the need to update the blog at regular points. As this is now January 2015, and the below information had been completed in November 2014.

November ILP update

The main points which I have been working on are based upon classroom management. I have discovered that although management of individual learners, and their needs and requirements is good, that I need to improve and concentrate on overall classroom management. I have as such additionally been conducting observation of other teaching staff in different specialism areas, and will continue to do so throughout the remainder of the course. I have developed by using these observations to view best practice from other individuals.

Personal targets have been set following discussions with my mentor and course tutor, following observations and general feedback. During these discussion points for development have been set. This includes

  • Setting SMART objectives to learners and to be noted on the whiteboard for all learners to view at all times;
  • Set questions prior to the viewing of any videos or clips to be viewed;
  • Arrive earlier to sessions to set up the room and prepare for approximate start times of sessions;
  • Ensure documents that are prepared for sessions are relevant and clear;
  • Clearly state and explain tasks and activities – and ensure learners clarify the requirements;
  • When using activities ensure that content is relevant and where possible link to functional skills; and
  • Improvement of classroom management – ensuring that low level disturbance is dealt with quickly.

The above are all elements which are ongoing through the duration of the training I will be conducting. I have ensured that all are embedded immediately into my processes and methods to ensure learners are provided with the highest level of teaching. I have also added these targets within the ILP for personal development and growth. I am also ensuring that during observations or feedback, these points in particular are raised/ discussed to identify where progression has taken place, or where additional input is required. This will be ongoing for not only the duration of the course, but be used throughout my professional career. Additionally the second observation is scheduled for December 2014. From this further elements will be added to update the ILP.

To engage with different aspects of the programme course I have registered as a student representative. I have provided constructive feedback and responses to the programme tutors and feedback from fellow students. I have actively been involved with classroom based activities and sessions. I have also supported fellow peers where required, by offering advice or debating discussion points.

Aspects of the course which I am not unsure of are based upon the later stages of the course – and the layout and process. Having progressed with the first assignments, following discussions with my tutor I am happy with the direction and planning. The aspects of the remaining modules have yet to be finalised and provided.  I am also unsure of the current personal level I stand at, in regards to grading criteria. Although the observations provide invaluable information, it would be useful to know what the perception and level tutors believe I am currently working to through the course.

Particular strength areas within my teaching practice have been identified through feedback and observations include the rapport and communication I have with learners. I have also developed the method for delivery of content within sessions, such as setting questions. It has also been identified that a strength is to encourage learners to ask more questions, rather than me readily provide answers to questions set. This questioning method is used to promote learner discussion and development. I have also worked to embed functional skills within lessons, and will continue to find new and innovative methods to do so.

Through the identified targets for improvement with my mentor and tutor, I have been able to progress and develop through the early stages of my teaching career. The continued reflective practice, development and seeking of best practice will ultimately provide me with the direction and drive to further my teaching progression.


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