One career finishes – another one can flurish

So after ten years (and a few months), the end is here.

Long discussions, personal reflections (no Gibbs or Kolb for that one I’m afraid) and long nights of deciding what to do.

They are all over now. Just like my ‘old life’. The career which took me around the world, paid the mortgage, put food on the shelves for so long is all over.

In all honesty I need to dedicate myself 110% ( note that this isn’t one of my sessions so the lack of accurate embedding of mathematics in this blog can be ignored by all readers), to enable me to fully embrace the new career I aspire to have.

Although it allows more free time one thing hasn’t changed. It’s all on me. The only person to blame should I not get through it all, complete to the correct standard and not show my personal development is still me.


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