Reflection: Pre -observation 2 15th December 2014

The session is a Level 1 Business Administration lesson, based upon Unit 16 – working in business administration. Learners have conducted several sessions upon this unit. After the Christmas break learners will be conducting assignment workshops.

Previous feedback points:

  • Behaviour management
  • Questioning
  • Peer feedback
  • Setting clear objectives
  • Ensuring handouts etc used in session are correct and fit for purpose.


Particular feedback points would be applicable to Module 1 – section B, critical reflection.

Discuss how you will assess the learning taking place during this session, and how feedback will be given to learners:

SMART objectives identified at the beginning of the session and revisited at the end of the session. Learners will leave feedback at the end of the session using an online website A link will be provided to learners via a link during a session using the nearpod website – used to assess learning

Learners will recap from the previous lesson to assess learning which had taken place and to focus learners for this session content.

Learners will conduct an assessment of their current ability to listen to tasks and instructions on a whiteboard. This will be re-assessed at the end of the session to assess progression and learning.

Learners will work in pairs to conduct specific tasks. Learning will be assessed by the written details they provide and the information they provide to peers within the group. Feedback will also be provided by interacting with the students as they feedback.  Learns will also conduct peer feedback during role play activities.

Learners will be provided with individual coaching and feedback during the session to promote activities they are completing during the session.

Discuss how you will support differentiated learning during the session, and how you will promote an inclusive learning environment:

Task sheets have sections below each question where not only an answer is required, but examples of the situation or additional further notes will be required. Learners will be allocated time to conduct online research to find the answers to the questions themselves.

Learners who have previous struggled more or have been more disruptive will be questioned, assessed and guided additionally in conjunction with other learner requirements.

Identify the literacy and numeracy issues that will arise during the session and discuss how you will address them:

Learners will complete an assessment on a scatter graph on the whiteboard to assess their current ability out of 10, of what they know about protecting data. This will be re-assessed at the end, promoting numeracy assessment.

Learners will write down as many details from the previous session to recap what was learnt and to promote literacy skills and development.

Learners will at the beginning of the session conduct presentations from the last session – promoting literacy and peer learning.

Learners will have to write down answers to the initial quiz appetiser session and share with peers. This quiz promotes literacy as learners are asked to read questions aloud from the screen

Learners will be asked to read out loud from the board where instructions are written to promote literacy and peer learning/development. Current news topics promote citizenship and current events within the news and adds links to employability.

A seating plan has been created and implemented for level 2 learners within this session. The plan has been created through the results of diagnostic testing and previous behaviour experienced by learners. The plan has been implemented for the previous session and has so far worked.


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