Keeping level 1’s on target…incorporating elements of SMART

Having spent some time thinking about how to focus level 1 learners, I wanted to incorporate the post it note style target setting used for level 2 and 3’s. However, following discussions the use and discussion of SMART targets may be too high a level required.

As such I decided to work on the elements of SMART targets (following discussions with my mentor ), but not wanting to proclaim the definition of the SMART target. These being to :

  • Specify what the task is
  • How to measure the achievement
  • Make it timely / apply a timescale

The target boxes also incorporate numeracy as learners have to draw on the blank clock face the time by which the task will be completed. I envisage these being laminated, so that they can be used for future use, and placed upon the top of the learners monitor on their desk. This being so that they are able to see the target, and it is visible to me as well.

The application of colour is importance as it allows each section to be identified – and compared with a boring black or grey border, looks more interesting.

The purpose is not only for focus, but also to instill a sense of responsibility for their learning.

So I have designed the below. It will be used (on trial – for want of a better term) next week. After which it will be used if successful in aiding learner focus and attention.

If you have an opinions which you would like to share – please create a critical observation using Kolb’s learning cycle… only joking ! Appreciate any feedback though.

Target sheets


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