BETT Conference 23rd January 2015

Attending the London based conference was always aimed a broadening knowledge and personal experience. A early start meant that the journey down provided opportunities to share knowledge with different subject specialism backgrounds – and stimulating a great deal of teaching related topics.

It also shows from a business point of view that education establishments provide a large revenue stream. Although unlikely that I will see any of these technological advances in the college I work in it was good to see that they exist. They may become part and parcel of classrooms of the future – much like we never expected to see PC’s in classrooms or even our own homes.

The conference itself was on a huge scale, the Excel must be the one of the biggest of its kind. The content of the businesses, software and hardware on offer was broad and appealing. It was good to see that so much technology is out there that people can use and implement within schools and classrooms to facilitate and develop learning of students. From this event I aim to embed some of the ideas and concepts viewed (on a smaller scale) to improve student learning and development in sessions I conduct.

The conference provided some opportunities to sit and listen to others opinions from around the world. The two which stood out in particular were Dr Ashley from Singapore and Sir Ken.

Dr Ashley spoke of classroom flipping and occasions when he got this wrong in his own practice. This, more than anything allowed me to see that even Dr’s of education can get things wrong – it’s not just me that makes mistakes out there.

Sir Ken provided an interesting insight into creativity and his view points. His words were creative, insightful and he’s obviously a very good speaker. Although there was undoubtedly lots to take from his talk one thing stuck out at me. Towards the end he spoke of how teachers had asked him for the answers to the issues posed in his previously conducted Ted talks about creativity. How can someone tell you how to be creative ? You can’t tell someone how to be creative…were all individuals so all our ways of being creative are going to be different. Think sometimes people can miss the point.

It was great to see all these together. There is ultimately one problem faced by education – the financial aspect. We will never be truly creative until money is removed as a commodity, as i it limits growth and development for everyone .


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