Observation four….not far now

The fourth observation is not far away now. I’m a bit calmer about the hole situation now, I think. The thought of being a grade 1 is now not at the forefront of my mind. Another grade two would be best in this situation I think, and be more realistic. The aim here is to apply less pressure to myself and enable me to try and enjoy the entire process, as far as reasonably practicable that is.

Will a grade one be possible overall  ? I’m still not sure. At the start of the PGCE it was the driving force, it still is. But the longer I go without being a either a grade 1 in writing or in observations, I can’t see how it can be possible. I’m working hard, I am trying, I am aiming still – before any sits in their chairs reading this simply saying “well just work harder”, I’m now wanting to re-focus myself and reflect. And this is it.


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