Poster presentation 16th April 2015

The poster presentation on the influences of the Business Studies curriculum seemed to go well. The content I was happy with and the poster was clear, uncluttered and easy to read for the audience.

The handout document I was very happy with – the content was good and it supported the presentation. Readers were able to find additional or supportive information for the content of the presentation I delivered. It also provided an opportunity to embed ICT with the inclusion of a QR code and the reference page which included references for both the poster and the handout. A copy is included within this post.

The use of the PESTLE analysis incorporated a business studies methodology into the poster content and was relevant and sourced to a high standard.

The presentation wasn’t the best however mainly as the subject is something which although I had researched and covered to a good standard, is a topic I’m not so comfortable talking about. There was also some high quality presentations before me -adding extra pressure.

Hopefully a good grade to follow.

Curriculum poster


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