Sixth observation – tutor observation, pre observation paperwork

The session is a Level 1 Business Administration lesson, based upon Unit 23 supporting business meetings. This is the introductory session for the unit. The focus for the session will be on learning outcome one of the module unit. Learners will be introduced into the session with a small numeracy pattern on the board. This is to grab and focus attention as learners enter the room.   A seating plan is in place for this group. During this session there will be group activities, with groups already chosen based upon diagnostic testing results and friendship groups. Learners within this group will often be resistant to group activities if paired with other students they do not like or not get along with. These groups will be located away in the break out area of the room. Learners within their teams will conduct various team based activities based upon the purpose of, and types of meetings within businesses.

The areas for development from the previous session are focused upon the setting of SMART objectives and the assessment methods used within sessions. For this level one session pre-printed note taking paperwork has been created and is used for assessment that learners have written the relevant notes – and also to ensure that the information required for the completion of the assignment which will be issued at the end of the unit delivery. Objectives set are restricted to ensure not too much is placed into the session, and will be written out on the wall and visible for the duration of the session. These will be visited every time an objective is completed in session so to provide positive re-enforcement and opportunities to develop and add questions throughout the session.

Previous feedback points:

  • Assessment methods used and implemented in the session
  • Creating clear SMART targets for learners

The observation will link to Module 2.

Particular points for the observer to identify are:

  • Use of and quality of handouts provided to learners
  • Assessment methods used and implemented in the session

Discuss how you will assess the learning taking place during this session, and how feedback will be given to learners:

SMART objectives identified at the beginning of the session on the whiteboard and revisited at the end of the session, as part of the review of the session.

Learners will be provided direct questions to stretch and challenge and check understanding.

Learners will complete pre-printed note taking sheets which will be checked for completion during the session. These will be prompts to list and explain points raised and discussed in the session.

Learners will complete a vote-based activity to check understanding and validation of learning of three different types of office meetings. Learners to be questioned to validate answers.

Learners in groups will complete a pre-identified Bloomin’ Gavin assessment card – to provide learners with an opportunity to show understanding and develop questions and peer feedback points.

Discuss how you will support differentiated learning during the session, and how you will promote an inclusive learning environment:

Groups have been pre-chosen and based upon diagnostic testing results and the friendship groups within the room to promote and extent learning from all learners. Learners will be provided an opportunity to appoint their own group team leader for the activities to be conducted.

Answers for the appetizer will be gained from a variety of learners within the room, and not to just allow for the vocal members of the group.

The pitch of the teaching will be at a level to allow for all learners to feel inclusive.

Identify the literacy and numeracy issues that will arise during the session and discuss how you will address them:

Learners have previously not written or have not written the correct notes to take from the session delivered. This has led to the completion of the pre-printed colourful note taking sheets. Time will be allocated during the session to update these notes, with support provided to each group.

The voting section used within the task to identify and enable learners to choose and explain their preferred type of office meeting environment will incorporate mathematics into the results. Groups will be allowed to use calculators to complete the answers to the maths questions set. Tutor to also write on the main whiteboard and read through the way of answering the questions set.

A seating plan has been created and implemented for level 1 learners within this session. The plan has been created through the results of diagnostic testing and previous behaviour experienced by learners. The plan has been implemented for the previous session and has allowed for greater inclusivity of learners and new peer relations to develop.


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