Final blog post….it’s been emotional




Entertaining (well that mainly me)


Stretching and challenge.

Thought provoking.

Life changing.

The PGCE has been all these, and to be fair so much more. It’s been an a rollercoaster of a ride with more ups than downs – so I can’t really grumble or moan I suppose.

So with deadline looming, not that I’m counting but it’s 27 hours and 40 minutes away now, it’s time to log off. Close the curtains, drink another 12 cans of diet red bull (got to watch the waistline), batton down the hatches and finish off the last few bits.

Thanks for everyone who made – contributed to this years cohort.

All that hard work will pay off for all of us.

It’s been worth every bit of pressure and stress.

27 hours 39 minutes….

Bye for now.


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