Seventh observation pre observation details 05/05/2015

Give some background information on the session. Also indicate particular points on which you would like feedback; this observation should link to the focus for specific Module 1 – 4 (the Module you are currently undertaking). Please also comment on the progress you have made with reference to feedback offered after your last University or mentor observation.

The session will be an assignment workshop for level 3 learners. Working on the LO3 and LO4 the assignment workshop will be the fourth attended by learners.

Previous feedback points identified:

  1. SMART objectives used for session
  2. Revision of the assignment progress sheet
  3. Inclusion and identification of differentiation on lesson plan/objectives


Development aspects through the observation process:

  1. Updating use of an and implementation of assignment progress sheets
  2. Setting SMART targets
  3. Incorporating appetizer and re-cap activities
  4. Pitch, pace and timings of session elements

The observation will link to Module 4 – professionalism. Particular points for the observer to identify are:

  • Questioning techniques
  • Classroom behaviour management

Discuss how you will assess the learning taking place during this session, and how feedback will be given to learners:

SMART objectives identified at the beginning of the session on the whiteboard and revisited at the end of the session, as part of the review of the session.

Learners will use the re-vised assignment tracking progress form to identify the progress currently made with the assignment brief, and outstanding areas/elements of the brief. This document will be used throughout the session for learners to monitor and track own progress/ development.

Learners will be set own SMART target for the session. This is to provide learners with a sense of personal authority and management for their work.

Ten minute booking time slots will be offered to learners where individual one to one assistance for assignment writing can be provided.

Learners will review personal SMART targets and update their individual assignment progress sheets, setting and writing down new targets for the next session. Link to next session and importance of tracking own work.


Discuss how you will support differentiated learning during the session, and how you will promote an inclusive learning environment:

Differentiated learning aims. This is identified on the lesson plan with the identification that learners will set at least one target, but more than one for other learners within the group. The lesson plan also identifies that some learners will be work on pass, merit or distinction elements of the assignment brief.  

A timetable for learners to book one to one appointments during the session will be offered. This will be written on the main whiteboard for all learners to see. Inclusivity will be achieved by providing learners with answer sheets to the appetiser quiz at the beginning of the session. All learners will need to participate with the answers before progressing to the next question.

During the appetizer session directed questioning will be used to a variety of learners, chosen at random to incorporate an inclusive environment.

Learners seen for one to one content within this session will also be provided with a 1-2-1 progress sheet, with SMART targets identified for progress, signed by myself and the learner. This will be used to track progress and linked to previous sessions for continuity.

The pitch of the teaching will be at a level to allow for all learners to feel inclusive. Initial appetizer task will be completed in pairs so to encourage peer learning and communication.  

Identify the literacy and numeracy issues that will arise during the session and discuss how you will address them:

Learners will be asked to read out loud from the appetizer activities to promote communication.  Initial recap/appetizer activity to incorporate numeracy based question on the economy and political aspects.



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